How to update D365FO environments to a new Microsoft version?

How to update D365FO environments to a new Microsoft version
In this article, I will show you how to update your D365FO environment from version 10.0.34 to version 10.0.37 (the steps should be somehow similar when updating to any new version).

  1. Make sure the visual studio in your devBox is closed (I would recommend closing it from task manager because sometimes you will get errors that it is opened, even though you closed it).

    Task manager

  2. There is a pre-requisite to install VC++ runTime in your devBox before starting with the update. And after you install it, you need to restart your devBox.  New VC++ runtime requirement for cloud-hosted environments running version 10.0.36 or later - Finance & Operations | Dynamics 365 | Microsoft Learn


  3. Sign in to LCS

  4. Click on the project that contains the environments you want to update

    LCS Projects

  5. Click on cloud hosted environments

    Cloud hosted environments

  6. Choose your devBox and click full details


  7. Scroll down to “Available updates” section and click “View update”

    Available updates

  8. Click save package

    Binary updates

  9. Click “Select all” then “Save package”
    Save updates

  10. Fill package name, then click “Save package”. This will save the package in the project asset library. (saving the package will take some time)

    Save package

  11. Once the saving finishes, click “Done”

    update package successfully

  12. Now click “Maintain” then choose “Apply updates”

    Apply updates

  13. You’ll be able to find the service package we saved, select it, then click Apply

    select software deployable package to apply
  14. Now the update will start and it might take around 2.5 hours, then your environment will be ready.

  15.  You might encounter some errors during the update process, so keep your eye on the log if you face any, where you can download it to see what caused the failure. Also in case of failure, failure details appear in LCS like the picture below.

    LCS error


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