How to create App Registration in Azure?

In this article, we will describe how to register an application in Azure Active Directory and define it in D365FO environments, in order for external systems authenticate with D365FO and access data.

  1. Sign in to azure portal
  2. Click on "App registrations" or search for it

    App registrations

  3. Click on "New registration"

    New registration

  4. Fill "Name" and choose "Accounts in this organizational directory only", then click "Register"

    App name

  5. The app registration will created. Take note of the client Id, as you are going to define it inside D365FO.
    App registration created

  6. Create a  new "client secret" by going to "Certificates & secrets"

    Client secret

  7. Fill "Client secret" description and choose the expiry, then click "Add"
    Client secret description

  8. Copy the client secret value and save it, as you won't be able to see it again. You will need it when you authenticate with D365FO in order to get an access token.

    Client secret value

  9. Go to your D365FO environment. [System Administration - Setup - Microsoft Entra ID applications] and fill the client Id you copied in step 5.

    Microsoft Entra ID Application

  10. Now you'll be able to authenticate with D365FO to get the access token, which I will cover in the next article:


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